"Training and equipping people

to lead a generation

after the heart of God."

3 things

Here at FreedomHouse, our hearts, our souls, our minds, and our efforts are aimed towards these 3 things: Change our world one life at a time. Create a church people want to come to. Raise up a generation after the heart of God who will do all His will.  



In our FreedomHouse Internship, we are looking for the most committed, passionate and faith filled people to journey with us as we advance God's kingdom. We are looking for people whose lives are called to ministry.

We are seeking to train and equip individuals to take ground for the Kingdom, and take their place as leaders of this generation. 

If you're ready to answer the call and take a leap, to go all in for the gospel, to be stretched beyond your comfort zone, and to be used by God, we want you to apply. 


For further questions about the internship program, contact us at office@thefreedomhouse.org


the process begins here