"...and he will be called: wonderful counselor, mighty god, everlasting father, prince of peace."

isaiah 9:6  




Pastor Marie Silva 

Marie is the Co-Lead Pastor at Freedomhouse Church, a growing dynamic movement that is changing the OC/LA area. She is a gifted preacher, singer and Worship Leader, and leads the Women's ministry at FreedomHouse Church that challenges women to live passionately for Christ. Pastor Marie has a genuine love for God and people that is infectious. Together with Pastor Josiah, they lead Freedomhouse Church with the purpose to raise up a generation after the Heart of God.

"I’ve found that the hardest moments in a season are when you don’t have the answers. When you’re willing to let go of all the less significant questions in exchange for the one lingering question you cannot shake, the question of “why”. Why did that happen, why am I going through this, why do I feel this way... I, like many of you, love having answers! I love having the insight on a matter, but sometimes an explanation isn’t given. And if you’re anything like me, I get a bit frantic when I’m not understanding a certain situation. I can get impatient, frustrated, short tempered and even feel a slight headache come on! Lol! Can anyone relate? But the truth is, if we truly are committed to being Christ-like then its not answers we should demand, it’s our response that matters most. What is our response to our unplanned moments of chaos? What is our response to oncoming anxiety and frustration? Though it may take a moment to align myself, I resolve with this... I choose peace. Choosing peace means that you may not have a defined answer to your issue, but you do have THE ANSWER. And it’s Peace! And the greatest, most precious thing about Peace is that it’s not limited to a slogan, it’s not an unrealistic and unreachable destination... on the contrary... it’s a person, and His name is Jesus. To be at Peace is to be with Jesus. The one who stains sins with his blood, the one who heals the sick and broken, the one who befriends the unwanted, and the one who rules my heart. Peace has a Name... and his name is Jesus. 


"Come and be embraced by Jesus, who is the Peace you’re looking for."