Key Verse: Isa 54:3-4 NIV “Enlarge the place
of your tent… lengthen your cords, strengthen
your stakes…”

Lengthen Your Cords.
Strength Your Stakes.
Kingdom Expansion.

I believe this is a word God is
speaking to us at Freedomhouse
church as a body, corporately,
but also specifically
and practically.

Specifically, because you are
a key part of what God has planned for His Kingdom purpose herein Southern California. Corporately, because each one of us doesn’t stand alone as an island, but together, we are
each a unique part of something bigger than us.
And Practically, because nothing happens automatically, there is a process and we
each play an active part in KingdomExpansion.

In Isaiah, the 54th chapter, God describes to
the reader an illustrative picture of a“Tent”— but not just any tent, this tent represents that
which God desires to EXPAND. I believe we are
in that same scenario today, God is desiring to
EXPAND His Kingdom “Tent” (covering of protection,
power, prosperity) here in Southern California.
As many of you know, we are currently embarking to make a legacy by turning a former Walmart into the House God…KINGDOM EXPANSION!
Through this Kingdom endeavor corporately as a Church family, I know specifically, God
wants to Expand your Faith, Your Calling, Your Purpose, your Blessing, YourKingdom Legacy
by living an Isaiah 54 lifestyle.

In the Expansion in Isaiah 54, God outlines
two dynamic truths… first, to “Lengthen YourCords” — meaning stretching the capacity
of what we think is possible, and secondly,
“Strengthen Your Stakes”, this speaks to the
DEPTH of placing our STAKE in the ground that
we are here to STAY… this blessing won’t die with
us, it will multiply through us! This will be a
generational thing… a bigger than us moment…
a generational blessing for you and your children,
children’s… that’s Kingdom Expansion.

Now is the time to press in like never before,
to see God demonstrate His glory! Prepare for
Kingdom Expansion… Lengthen your Cords,
Strengthen your Stakes!

Let’s Expand His Kingdom,
Josiah Silva
Lead Pastor
Freedomhouse Church.

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